Listen LINKZ 96 FM online

Linkz 96 is a radio station that got started in Negil and continues to broadcast from Savanna La Mar throughout Western Jamaica.

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Information about LINKZ 96 FM
Programs and SpeakersLinkz FM Personalities, DJ Mitch, DJ Jigga aka The Takeover King, DJ Dee, DJ Absolute, DJ Shem, DJ Vani, Linkz News.

Linkz 96

The company has been up and running since the year 2004 and it can be found on the 96.5 FM band throughout Negril and most of Western Jamaica. The entertainment provided on this radio station is mostly a wide range of popular music and Jamaican dance hall music.

How to listen?

Listening to Linkz is accomplished most easily by tuning in your radio to the 96.5 band. It's also quite easy to check out the radio station online via the Linkz mainpage. Visiting their main webpage or the Jamaica page is a great way that you can find the live stream coverage of the channel as it is ongoing. There is currently no application available for live listening on Linkz 96.

Shows and personalities

Some of the top personalities that the station is known for is the featured Linkz news for the drive home. This is a daily news program that covers some of the top stories of the day. Linkz FM personalities also involves a DJ takeover for an hour in which a personality DJ will take over and play selections from some of their favorite artists. Some of the main DJs that hosts the personalities programs include DJ Vani, DJ JIgga, DJ Dee, DJ Absolute, DJ Mitch and more.

How to connect with Linkz?

Connecting with many of the personalities that hosts the program can be easy over their individual twitter accounts and Facebook pages. This can be a great way to participate in individual contests or speak to them about changes to their individual programs. Linkz FM is also available on twitter as well as through Facebook. They also have a public phone number for calling in on the radio show at (876)955-3686.

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