Newstalk 93 FM

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Newstalk 93 FM is a talk radio station located in Kingston Jamaica that has an overall goal to deliver sustainable and responsible programming that is highly rooted in delivering the best in news coverage throughout the island.

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Information about Newstalk 93 FM
Programs and SpeakersDJ Cue, The Takeover, Kingdom Movementz, Straigh up, DJ Burns, DJ Fire Whiz, DJ Chop Suey, The Fun Factory, Saturday Morning Mix, DJ Yahence, Fresh Start.

Newstalk 93 FM

Educated and entertaining radio is exactly what news talk provides through its discussion programs, hourly news and weather updates and the political and social commentary. There are also a few music and entertainment shows available on the radio station as well. The station has long broadcast from the University of the West Indies in the Mona Campus. This talk radio station has been amongst the top 10 radio stations in Jamaica since the year 2010 for talk radio.

How to listen?

Listening can be done across the island on the 93 FM band. You can also listen to the news talk radio online through their website and a number of free live streaming sites.

Show and Personalities

The top shows on air include the fun factory, evening edition, straight up, fresh start the morning show and counseling an inspirational talk. Each of these programs draws in its own listenership and many of them run almost every weekday at a regular time slot. Some of the main DJs on air include DJ cue, DJ burns, DJ Chop Suey, DJ burns, DJ Yahence and DJ Fire Whiz.

Connecting with the station

Connecting with the station can be done through their email,, via phone at (876) 977-1922 as well as through their Twitter and Facebook accounts. As a community program radio station the majority of shows on the air require listener participation. Without the community regularly calling in and engaging with the DJ’s many of these shows would not be the same!

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