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Information about JamRockOne
Kingston, Jamaica
Programs and SpeakersR&B and Hip Hop Vibes begins here, The Weekend Dancehall, The Best of JRO Disc Jocks, The Hottest Dancehall and R&B Selections, The Maddest Mixes Live, The best of the 90s Selections.


The station is mostly dedicated to Caribbean flavored R&B, contemporary hip-hop as well as reggae and dance hall that ranges from the year 1970 up until today.

How to listen?

The station can be reached via the applications on the ios market as well as through google play. You can also check out the live feed of the radio station online through the Jamrockone website. The station is primarily an online radio station but they do take some of their feed from KGN as well as borrowing news updates from several sources which are broadcast on live radio. Previously recorded episodes and on demand items are all available on the website.

Show and Personalities

Some of the main shows that the station is known for is its mix tape Wednesdays, Turn it up fridays with dancehall music, easy-going Mondays with R&B and hip-hop as well as the Golden Sundays. The biggest program that is listen to online is its shell down Saturday's which delivers a huge number of live mixes from guest DJs. Some of the most recognizable DJs from the air include Demarco, DJ Nicco, DJ Mafia, and Popcaan to name just a few.

Connect with the station

Connecting with the station is made quite easy over Facebook, twitter, Instagram and through their website. The site regularly welcomes feedback and accepts calls/chats from its users to ensure that changes and improvements can be made to their programming. The event in pictures of a post online can all be commented on so that you can get engaged in the latest music/news events with an audience across Jamaica!

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