Nationwide News Network

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Nationwide radio is a news, talk, sports and entertainment radio station that broadcasts on the 90 FM band throughout Kingston and the island of Jamaica.

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Nationwide News Network

The company has been around and broadcasting as a trusted source for news and media across the island. Today it has become one of the number one business, news, entertainment and sports chat radio channels on the island.

Where to listen?

The station puts out an online live stream across their nationwide application. There are recorded stories as well as a full live stream that takes place for Apple and Google devices. The program is also available for live stream online and on the 90 fm band through the island.

Shows and Personalities

The most listen to programs across the station include their regular hourly news updates, Timeline, Sports nation live, Nationwide at 5, Talking History, Miss Kitty Live and more. Personalities like Khadine “Miss Kitty” Hylton, Dennis Marlon, Rashawn Thompson, Cliff Hughes, Abka Fitz-Henley and others represent the talented pool of hosts on this channel. Many of their shows including nationwide at five have one Jamaican broadcast news awards. The Nationwide@5 show for example has an Emmy award-winning journalist on staff.

Connecting with the station

Nationwide News makes itself available to callers who are interested in providing updates to other listeners while they are on air. Users can call in and comment about the latest news stories or programming as well as connect with hosts to change the future format for the channel. Currently the channel operates a Facebook account, YouTube account, Instagram account and a twitter account as well as its main website. Contacting them by phone or through any of these methods is the best way to engage the hosts reporting on current news and events.

With such prestigious hosts and great nationwide programming, this radio channel will remain one of the most trusted for entertainment and news in Jamaica. 

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