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The company got started firstly by specializing in reggae dance hall music, Afro beats, hip-hop as well as calypso music. The idea of the programming for this radio is definitely in producing a continuous live party with some of the most talented reggae artists from across the world.

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Information about Rebelradiolink
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Rebel Radio Link

DJ selectors on Rebel Radio link are linked in from international locations and broadcast across Jamaica. There are shows created in California, the UK, Miami, Atlanta, Sweden and New York from some of the most talented DJs and sound men in the world.


Most of the program on rebel radio link is based in music as well as featuring some of the hottest DJs. The vast majority of the content that is played includes calypso, Afro beats, dancehall music and more. These types of items are mostly designed to feature the finest in worldwide DJs and beats.

How to listen

Listening to this radio station is incredibly easy through the Google play app or ios application store. Downloading the app can give you access to a live stream of the current content on Rebel Radio. All of the content also is broadcast out online through the streaming site. Visiting the website is one of the easiest ways that you can check out this station. As an Internet radio station and application, Rebel Radio link is put together by a worldwide audience and design for a worldwide audience.

Shows on air

Some of the biggest shows on air are dance hall live shows out of Kingston Jamaica as well as various DJ takeovers that occur regularly. The hosts are ever changing on rebel radio link and this is part of the appeal. Users can hear celebrated DJs from around the world and the newest dance hall in reggae hits internationally in short and pre-recorded shows for broadcast.

Connecting with the station

As this is mostly an online radio station connecting with the station owners is quite easy. They are extremely active over social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and google plus. 

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