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Information about Kool 97 FM
Programs and SpeakersMellow Morning, Kool Tones, Stokey Love, Kool Mix, Michael Thompson, Krazy Kris, Craig Rose, Live News, Kool Rhythms, Sports Stream, vor Smith.
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Kool 97 FM

Kool 97 FM today focuses on playing mostly music with a variety of special programming depicting Jamaica's culture day-to-day. Flight schedules are still broadcast at the top of the hour every hour in the station continues to broadcast sports, weather and news for the region.


Kool 97 today is a radio station with programming that has a niche market for the Jamaican people as well as visitors to the island. Listeners get access to authentic music that is trending on the island as well as a variety of different news and information for visitors.

How to listen

Programming from Kool 97 FM is available primarily over the islands on 97.1, 97.3, 97.5 and 97.9. You can also listen to the live stream of the radio station anywhere worldwide through the website which has a pop-up audio player. The station can also be listened to from a variety of online sources for radio streaming which redirect the feed from the website.

Shows on air

Some of the top shows on air include windmills which appears on Mondays and rewind which appears on Thursdays both hosted by Norman March. Kool overdrive which takes place on Saturdays hosted by Sabrina Neil is a drive style show. For an afternoon at work Shelly Ann delivers some of the best in cool rhythms from 1-5pm on most weekdays. The party gets started by Ann Jeffrey with single in the city as well as the Kool house party that gets started from 5-9pm on Saturdays.

Connecting with the station

Users can connect with the station hosts online through the website as well as over Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Connecting with the station and its hosts can help individuals to potentially win various contests as well as submit their feedback. 

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