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Information about Radio Jamaica
Kingston, Jamaica
Categorycaribbean music, Local Music
Programs and SpeakersBeyond The Headlines, Dorraine Samuels, Alan Magnus, Ignition, Dorraine's Coffee Break, Gerry McDaniel, Jamaican Morning, Julian 'Dj Juju' Jones, Night Stalker, Heather Grant.


The company has over 60 years of delivering consistent quality programs along the 94 FM band. RJR can also be reached online today and connect with an audience worldwide. The program is one of the oldest radio stations in Jamaica and it's been responsible for producing a number of different documentaries and programs that are unique to the airwaves here.


There are a number of personalities and shows that regularly appear on this station. For the most part the programming that is featured on the show include some of the top online radio performances in dance hall, reggae music, R&B, hip-hop and more. Personalities include Alan Magnus, Daniel Thompson, Gerry Mcdaniel, Heather Grant, Dr. Orville Taylor and more. There are shows like news on the go, live radio interviews, beyond the headlines debates and other types of programs that are regularly visited through their station.

Where to listen?

The radio station broadcasts out of Kingston on Lyndhurst Road and they can be reached primarily on the 94 FM band. RJR also broadcasts out online through their website and through free live radio. You can also download an application on google play and the app store to hear their programming regularly.

Connect with the radio station

Connecting with the station is easy via their website as well as social media. The RJR company is extremely active on twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other major social media outlets. You can visit their location and submit your suggestions online through the RJR 94FM website. There are often contests and polls up on the site to really engage their viewers. This historical radio station really knows how to promote audience engagement!

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