Love 101 FM

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Love 101 FM is a radio station that first got started with broadcasting on Valentine's Day in 1993.

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Information about Love 101 FM
Programs and SpeakersThe Innerglo, Omar Trowers, The Gospel Train, Reflections 101, Colleen Beckles, Love in the Morning, Nadines Blair, Vivian Bonner, Shades of Glory, Nigel Wilkinson.
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Love 101 FM

The company is owned by the media authority on gospel music and gospel events and continues to be operated by the national religious media commission in Jamaica. The company broadcasts out of 81 Hagley Park Road.

When it first came about Love FM was one of the only religious radio stations available in Jamaica and it was quick to acquire a large market share of the audience across its 20+ year history. The program continues to broadcast a wide range of gospel music and religious content and is known as a family station.

How to listen?

Listening to this channel is quite easy along the 101 band throughout Jamaica. In St. Mary, Huntley and St. Elizabeth it can be found at 101.5. In cabbage Hill in St. Thomas it's broadcast on 101.1. On 101.9 in Portland and Port Antonio and 101.7 in St. James, St. Andrew and flower Hill. It's possible to listen live through Windows media player, RealPlayer and QuickTime as well as on the main website.

Personalities and shows

Some of the most popular shows on the program include the love in the morning program hosted by Nadine Blair, The midday recharge posted by Omar Trowers, The evening inner glow hosted by Anthony James and the late-night shades of glory hosted by Vivian Bonner.

Connecting with the station

Connecting with the station can be done through their social media accounts as well as on the love 101 website. The quick chat feature on the side of the website allows users to quickly leave comments on the station. The channel operates a twitter page, YouTube page and a Facebook page for easy social media connections. 

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