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Bess 100 FM is a radio station that was first founded in June of 2007. From its location in Kingston Jamaica Bess delivers “Betta vibes” for Jamaican and worldwide listeners. The

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Information about Bess 100 FM
Programs and SpeakersRashida St. Juste, Sandra Graham, Steve James, Ben -Nyah, Mark Stewart, Merritone Sunday Brunch, Breakthrough Deliverance, Revival Time, World Beat Experience, Morning Glory live stream, DJ D.C., Pastor Howard Palmer.
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Bess 100fm

The station delivers music and sports entertainment as well as talk and it is best known for balancing culture and news with the newest in high-quality positive music. The studio and the programming is designed to produce the best quality sound and the highest level of professionalism whether it's from the news or from the playlists that are offered from its DJs.

How to listen?

Listening to Bess is quite easy across the island and it is broadcast on the 100 frequency from 100.1-100.9 across the entire island of Jamaica . The station can also be streamed for free online through a number of free online radio station sites. Their main site does feature a live feed from the live tab on the page. There isn't currently an official application for Bess 100.

Show and Personalities

The top personalities available on the platform include Chris Johnny Daley, Badda Bling and DJ likkle Rich, DJ Supersyles, DJ Jerome, Java Immanuel and more. Their most famous shows include the Java Jamin Show, Over Drive which takes place daily, the evolution and Naturally D’Bes their at work show. The Johnny live morning show draws some of the largest listenership in its regular Monday to Friday time slot from 6 AM to 10 AM.

Connect with the station

Connecting with Bess 100 FM can be done through the contact us form on the website. The station also operates over social media on twitter, pinterest, linkedin and Facebook. As a nationwide broadcast radio station there are many requests sent in over their social media and updates coming regularly over these platforms. Bess 100FM will continue to be one of the most successful morning broadcasts and entertainment channels in Jamaica!

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