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The NCU media department has been providing services since the early 1990s on the end CU campus in Jamaica. Northern Caribbean University has always been known for its broadcasting department and since the station started it began to offer services to external clients to build its radio listeners.

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Now the station broadcasts out throughout the northwestern portion of the island and throughout Mandeville in the community. The radio station can be found on 91.3 frequency FM and now even includes its own cable television station. NCU TV can be found on Wilson's cable and many of the programs and featurette on this channel our student created as part of the communications program at the University.

NCU has expanded increasing and islandwide 188 channel throughout the FLOW owned network. The FM channel can also be found on 91.3 and 91.1.

The programs on NCU range from music and inspiration taking place every day in the early morning including religious programming. The station also provides regular news updates, sports updates and chat programs for the drive home. Most of the music played on a network is contemporary hits as well as some retro music from across Jamaica. Some of the main personalities that host the show is on this station include Glendon Baker, Ricardo Campbell and Kerryann Thomas.

The radio station remains extremely active posting features of their favorite programs up on soundcloud, regularly tweeting out on twitter, posing clips of their TV shows on YouTube as well as keeping a very large and active Facebook community.

By visiting the main website it's possible to stream the content from the radio station 24 hours a day and anywhere in the world. Streaming services are also available through the FLOW application. From a small university radio station to a nearly nationwide provider, NCU media is going strong with a brand-new website design!

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