BoneYaad Radio

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Boneyaad radio is a station that mostly delivers a large selection of dance hall and reggae music from across Jamaica. The main slogan or phrase associated with Boneyaad is that it's the place where entertainment begins.

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Boneyaad Radio

With the support and success of other similar stations like power 106, Boneyaad got started as an Internet radio station in the year 2012. Although the station is fairly new the online radio station which is associated with top pop hits, dance hall hits, radio hits and more now reaches a worldwide audience.


Top DJs from this platform include Navi, 103FM hosts and a few 106.1 hosts that regularly create programs and mixers for the station. A series of personalities from across Jamaica and artists regularly do takeovers on the program as well. The Internet radio program has included takeovers from J-Asha, Branxx and Richpimp to name a few.

Where to listen?

Listening to Boneyaad radio is quite simple with the help of free online radio applications and your smart phone. You can find it for streaming in your browser through a number of free online radio sources or you can easily download the main application for boneyaad radio available on its website. The radio application works on both IOS and android devices and it can be one of the easiest ways that you can stream the program while you are on the go. You can also consider checking out some of the featured content that the station posts on youtube for later streaming.

Connect with the radio station

Connecting up with the radio station is quite easy through the use of social media and through the application. With the help of the app you can connect with artists to make suggestions. You can also Tweet at the company, connect with them on Facebook, or contact them through their Youtube page. 

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