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Zip 103 is known for being a high energy station. The radio station first came on the air on June 9, 2002 and has since been continuing to provide musical coverage to Jamaica as well as through online radio. Zip is known for regularly playing some of the latest pop, rock, alternative, Soca, reggae, EDM and dance, dance hall music and more.

Zip 103

Zip is known for its incredibly high energy and innovative program and it provides coverage to 90% of Jamaica over the 103.1, 103.5, 103.7 and 103.9 band. Every hour on the hour the station delivers a 92nd headline info blast 24 hours a day that ensures great music is only briefly interrupted by the news. The station itself is very highly regarded across Jamaica and most of the young announcers are always filling the airwaves with new energy and innovative programming into the future.

Most of the core audience for Zip ranges in age between 13 up to 35 years of age. In most cases music on programming goes for a full half-hour uninterrupted to deliver the best in party vibes. These are some of the best programs for an afternoon commute or for spending time with friends.

Some of the main programs on the show include zip code which occurs every day at 3:30 PM with Jade and Khaos, Buss a sweat a workout related show that takes place weekly and zip info the hourly 92nd news segment hosted by Vybz, Sapphire and Raine. Zip Heat by ZJ liquid is another extremely popular program on daily.

Zip 103 represent some of the finest in hip-hop and popular music across Jamaica and it can be streamed as well as followed online via facebook, Instagram, apple music, and google play through their app.

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