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Power 106 is a commercial radio station located in Los Angeles California that serves the greater Los Angeles area. The company broadcasts on an analog signal as well as HD radio and it airs primarily in a rhythmic contemporary format.

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Information about Power 106
Programs and SpeakersDervan Malcolm, Ralston Hyman, Both Sides of the Story, Althea McKenzie, Real Business, Independent Talk, Power Play 106, Land Solutions, Gloria Brown, Michael Anthony Cuffe.
Iphone Apphttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/power-106-fm-jamaica/id988720565
Android Apphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details

Power 106

The main studios are based in Los Angeles out of Burbank. The radio station can be reached at 105.9 FM as well as through online sources. Some of the main call signs from this Meruelo Group were once KMGG, KWST and the new power 106 or KPWR callsign.

The most recent style of music that is played over power 106 is LA's number one hip-hop music radio station. In the past the station was known as a party station or place where hip-hop lives. Today it's known as LA's number one hip-hop station since the year 2017.

In most cases this station continues to premiere brand-new hip-hop songs as well as a number of throwbacks from the history of LA hip-hop. With classic hip-hop as well as modern hip-hop premiering on the station regularly the station saw such extensive demand that the KDAY classic radio station was presented to show a more classic side to hip hop.

One of the morning shows that is currently still going on is hosted by radio artist J. Cruz who hosts urban AC and the morning slot playing a variety of hip-hop and sharing news of the day with top headlines. The Cruz show, #liftoff, the Yesi Ortiz show as well as DJ Felli Fel are all shows that are often placed in regular timeslots throughout the week.

The radio station is also known for its extensive contests including a chance to win Disneyland tickets regularly, $1000 every hour and 2k Thursdays and Fridays. With special callings and giveaways there are contests and plenty of reasons to check out the website as well.

Power 106 will remain one of the most popular stations for hip-hop in LA and a modern and contemporary station that still pays homage to its early LA party roots.

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